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Bevan Consulting offers the following Interior Project Consulting services:

Based on an understanding of your business and requirements, building a needs assessment document allows us to help direct decision making when moving, remodelling or reorganizing, and to identify specific furniture, fixture and other
sourcing requirements




Create realistic budgets with the client goals
in mind




Tailored to your business, the checklist provides reminders for key considerations when looking at a new workspace and moving current assets




We ensure that a complete and useful inventory of existing assets is established, including a valuation and usefulness assessment




We will specify all aspects of the furniture for bidding and quoting purposed to meet your priorities, which may encompass technical performance information, design, ergonomic components, aspects on how each piece is assembled, materials, finishes, dimensions and cost category (could include images or drawings)




Making environmentally aware choices about space, finishing, design and furniture can be an important aspect of your workspace decisions—we’ll help you understand and assess your green requirements and source the suppliers that
can deliver

Workspace Needs Assessment 

Project Checklist:

Furniture & Fixture Inventory

Furniture & Finish Specifications

Environmental Impact Information


Because it can be hard to know what’s worth refurbishing, we will assess your existing fixtures and provide valuation for each piece, giving you the freedom to make an informed and budget conscious choice




We will maximize the efficiency of your time, team and suppliers by overseeing the project from start to finish—whether a move or an interior overhaul, we’ll manage and monitor everyone from your internal team to the movers, contractors and designers




We will source the people, materials, furniture and fixtures that you require for your move or interior change; negotiate the best prices for your company to purchase at; if applicable, create RFPs to suit your company’s business priorities; and, with our extensive industry contacts, get you the right people and products at the right price 




Including up to date Infection Control requirements and the Greening of Healthcare. The process of selecting art consultants for the office or healthcare environments


Reuse & Refurbish Assessment

Project Management

Procurement & Pricing

Healthcare Standards & Specifications

Featured Space: Flynn Canada Ltd.

Everyone knows moving is stressful and exhausting! Norine certainly anticipated our needs and provided guidance, solutions and directives that helped make this move as seamless – and painless – as possible. 

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