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The scope of work started with determining the criteria for the RFP. After establishing furniture quantities, types and specifications, we developed a new format that quantified each area. From this information we were able to build a budget.


In 2010, the Markham Stouffville Hospital commissioned a large renovation of an existing 385,000 sq ft building and the addition of a new 300,000 sq ft building. Suman Bahl, VP Capital Development for Markham Stouffville Hospital, tasked Bevan Consulting with procuring the furniture and corporate services for this large project.


Markham Stouffville Hospital



  1. Ensure Sustainability – LEED Certification

  2. Re-use existing products to meet budget requirements

  3. Specification of materials to meet environmental criteria and infection control needs

  4. Schedule – project management & oversight of installations

  5. Quality – manage the deficiency process



At each step of the way, user requirements and input was a critical part of selecting the correct furniture for the space. We were also requested to take inventory and assess the existing furniture for reuse, while ensuring that the finishes would meet Infection Control standards. Most of the seating was reupholstered, which decreased the hospital’s expenses and met their GREEN Initiatives for recycling.




During the project we worked with the MSH Redevelopment Team to create an efficient process. Together we successfully completed over 50 moves involving furniture. The entire project was completed under budget, on time and was awarded the 2015 PEO Project of the Year.


381 Church Street

Markham, Ontario



New Building 300,000 sq ft

Renovation of Existing Building


2010 - 2015 



“ Bevan Consulting was very intuitive of the complex needs and requirement of a hospital environment.  The Markham Stouffville Hospital Redevelopment Project was extremely successful due to the team effort of all those involved, Bevan Consulting was a major contributor to the success of our project.”

- Suman Bahl, VP Capital Development
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