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Plan Group’s business encompasses six operational disciplines: electrical, mechanical, structural cabling, technology, life safety and building systems, and proactive maintenance. When the time came to expand the business into a new 90,000 sq ft facility, CEO Bill Kurtin reached out to Bevan Consulting to develop a plan for the furniture in the space. As a growing, hard working group of individuals who manage projects for major corporations and institutions across Canada, they had very little time to manage such a large project of their own.


Plan Group Offices


2740 Steeles Ave West,

Concord. Ontario



New Building 90,000 sq ft


2014 - 2015 



Bevan Consulting’s primary tasks were to establish a budget for furniture, create an RFP for both the furniture and move,and manage the moving process. We also led the refurbishing and redesign of some of the existing system furniture in conjunction with installing new pieces. This was all completed in a tight time line of a single-phase move while consulting on furniture related items.



With its practical industrial design and technology-focused environment, the new leading edge facility gave Plan Group space to be more efficient and effective in their workspace.



Although the refurbishing of their existing system furniture added difficulty to the process of moving, it saved in excess of $300,000—along with not having to dispose of furniture into a landfill.

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