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Collaborating with business owners and executives to create their ideal workspace. 


New office or moving a business

Unbaised Consultation

Procurement & Pricing


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Moving a business is a daunting challenge for everyone.

With many moving parts and options to consider, creating a clear plan takes time that most don’t have to spare. At Bevan Consulting, we work with business owners and senior executives make practical and economical decisions for their office’s transition.


We will create a custom office space that addresses your needs, while managing the process and minimizing stress. From flooring to furniture, to art and fixtures, we take pride in our honest approach to sourcing suppliers. With a team of unbiased, independent consultants, we strive to meet timelines with cost-effective solutions—without compromising quality.

With over 25 years in the interiors industry, Bevan Consulting has the expertise and experience to create your ideal workplace.

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